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     Christian-Brae is a photographer and artist based out of Minnesota.  At twelve years old Christian was given his first digital camera by his grandmother.  In awe of his new camera, he began to shoot the world around him.  His love for photography continued to grow and he began to participate in classes through 4-H and his local camera shop.  Christian then began consistently entering his photographs in local and state competitions, and received the highest award at the state level several times.  Throughout high school and college his passion for photography carried over into other interests such as live music.  He began photographing concerts and musicians, and then submitting the images to music magazines around the United States in hopes of getting published.  In late 2011 that dream became a reality when one of his concert photographs was published in the December issue of Hard Music Magazine.  Christian continued to work and use his savings to invest in camera gear, allowing him to take on local clients for senior pictures and real estate photography.  It was not long after that however that Christian turned his camera to his true passion, the outdoors.  He began traveling as much as possible, photographing some of the most beautiful places in the United States.  With almost two decades of experience, Christian was able to turn his passion into his profession by selling his prints.  He continues to grow his business by bringing little slices of beauty to the canvas from awe-inspiring places on earth. 

Capturing these moments from some of the most awe-inspiring places on earth is half of what I love to do. Sharing them with people to bring a smile, a moment of peace, or a longing for adventure is the other half.
— Christian Brae